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Support - Country Specific Page - Country Office - New Delhi

“We cannot tell how much we appreciated this kind off er of support and welcoming from the WBFN champion in New Delhi. Thank you! “ Member and staff who relocated to India, 2015


Welcome to WBFN India

WBFN India welcomes Family Network members based in Delhi, and members in the process of relocating here. You can reach the Delhi chapter of the Family Network by emailing wbfnindia@gmail.com.

Make sure to be in the loop. Get on the email list and join the WBFN India Facebook group. You can do so, even before you arrive to Delhi.

The Family Network Champions connect with newcomers and ‘oldtimers’, bring people together, coordinate gatherings and activities, promote knowledge sharing in the group, advocate on behalf of the group, and administrate the email account and the WBFN India Facebook group.

You and other members are always warmly invited to engage and contribute to the coordination and development of the chapter. While there are no obligations, your active participation is encouraged and appreciated. Members’ participation is critical to the success of the chapter. Receive support when you need it, and give support when you can!