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Relocating, Rebuilding or Reinventing?

Date: January 02, 2018
When we moved to DC two years ago, another journey began for me—a personal one, Luciana Corrêa

From the Presidents' desk—December 2017

Presidents FY17 Loubna and Lorenzo
Date: December 27, 2017
WBFN Presidents' message

What Happens at a Monthly Get-Together?

Get together food buffet
Date: March 01, 2017
Once a month the Welcoming Team organizes a coffee morning or activity so that newcomers can meet each other and get to know some of the more established members. Recently, Padmini, a member of the team, hosted a get-together in her house. About thirty people attended, representing a cross section of the spouse/partner community. Several...

A Record-Breaking Children's Holiday Party

CHP 2016 image
Date: January 01, 2017
The 40th annual Children's Holiday Party (CHP) took place in the MC Atrium on Saturday 10 December. Every year attendance for this event climbs, but even the organizers were stunned to have 943 attend this year. Of these, half were children, and 112 were volunteers.

Mimi Relocates to Washington

Mimi moves to DC
Date: October 23, 2017
We have created Mimi, a fictional spouse from a French-speaking country in Africa, whose relocation story we will follow online as she negotiates the many challenges of any real spouse/partner. We join Mimi before she leaves for Washington DC.